wildstarA really interesting, upcoming game for those who are into Science Fiction MMORPGs would be called WildStar, and it recently released a beta for a select number of people to help play and further bug-test their system before they go fully online for people to pay and play with others. You can either pay for a subscription directly (like WoW), or trade for a subscription item that can be held in your inventory in exchange for in-game items and currency.

Explore Nexus World

The players can explore an entire world called Nexus, which was inhabited by a race of technologically evolved beings that left behind lots of different tech and secrets for people to explore.

When you are creating your character, you can choose a number of different races (which will be expanded upon later) and each character shows you their type of attitude and mannerisms when first shown. You can change your faction, class, race and path while creating your character while opening another menu will allow you to change your character’s appearance.

There are only a set number of faces with a number of variable sliders to change specific traits of the face. Skin colors vary greatly so you aren’t bound just by human skin tones. Some of the skin tones also have specific patterns to help accentuate how different the alien surfaces are as opposed to humans. The specific body features are also race-specific, meaning that some features of a race are not available for other ones.

Characters Setup

You’re also able to save character setups to make sure that any works in progress you haven’t quite decided on or completed are remembered by the system and allow you to further design or outright complete your character.

There are two main factions within WildStar; they are the Dominion and the Exiles. The Dominion are a ruthless empire of people trying to maintain control of various resources throughout the galaxy and universe and will eliminate all dissent. The Exiles are those beings who have been exiled from Dominion and are now trying to fight the Dominion from their desires for absolute control.

There are four races for each faction. For the Dominion, Cassians who were chosen to develop and build the Dominion by the Eldan. There are also Draken, who are more violent and aggressive warriors from their own homeworld, Chua, who are both brilliant and insane and Mechari who are efficient killing machines. The four races for the Exiles include Exiled Humans, Granok, who are the counterparts to the Draken, Aurin, who are simple forest dwellers and Mordesh, genetically cursed beings looking for a cure and have alchemic powers that few can comprehend.

Choose your class

Six different classes exist for the player to choose from. Espers can help heal and use telekinetic attacks against their enemies. Medics can also heal but also dish out attacks from close range. There’s also a Spellslinger who are highly mobile attackers who use magic to significantly damage opponents. The Warrior is a close-range brawler who uses weaponry and atomic energy to attack. Engineers build bots and their own devices in order to destroy enemies. Finally, there’s the Stalker, which uses stealth in order to attack their foes with melee weapons.

Four different Paths exist for players to pursue in order to level-up their characters. One of them includes the Combat Path, which focuses on actions in order to complete quests and objectives. There’s the Explorer path, which focuses the player on traversing through the various environments. The Scientist path, which focuses on rewards for those who browse through the game, goes about by getting the player to analyze different items and scenery to get the backstory behind these characters. The Settler path allows players to create stations for commerce and character buffs. It helps add additional flavor and MMORPG styles of play into WildStar without ‘shoehorning’ these mechanics into the combat or main storyline.

What are plugs?

After a while, your character gets to have their home on Nexus which allow for sockets to have various plugs placed inside. Plugs help provide aesthetics for one’s home or even functionality like mining. mini-games, crafting and other uses, which can also be levelled up as you interact. You can also have buff boards, which give three different bufferings, or improvements which last an entire day for players. With household objects, you can place them around the home or even outside of it to provide a more personalized design for peoples’ homes within Nexus. Fortunately, you can move groups of items together instead of just one at a time, which hopefully more game developers take note of and implement into their future projects.

Overall, WildStar looks like an outstanding title for people to play and explore. We’re sure there’ll be a lot more about WildStar coming out shortly before its release.