tibiaTibia is one of the many massively multiplayer online role-playing games available on the market.

What is Tibia?

Also known as MMORPGs, these games are a sort of combination between role-playing videogames and massively multiplayer online games. Even when there are many different types of games under this category, there are some common aspects that they all share. All MMORPGs are web browser-based games involving a wide number of players who interact with each other within a virtual world.

At the time of its creation, 1997, Tibia became one of the most popular. However, as more and more kinds of MMORPG appeared, its growth became less noteworthy. In general terms, it is a free game which is open to the public. There is a paid alternative, though. By paying a fee, users can upgrade to a premium account that gives them additional benefits, such as extra areas and spells, as well as further access to vocation promotions. At its onset, developers of the game, CipSoft, used to keep statistics on how many players engaged in this particular game. These days however, there is no telling how many people still log into Tibia. One can make the estimation, though. These days there are 77 game servers, 38 in London and 37 in US and it is said that each server holds about 1,000 players and according to CipSoft, there are 1.3 million registered accounts. Polls reveal that even when players of this game can be found all over the world, the top three countries are Brazil, Poland and Sweden.

Playing the Game

The main aim of the game is for players to advance levels whilst training to gain better skills, like hunting monsters, learning about magical spells and using weapons, for example. Further strategies include hunting for treasure, doing quests, or simply exploring the Tibia world. One of the reasons Tibia is still one of the most widely sought-after online games is the opportunity players have to interact with other players through their characters. This 2-D hardcore fantasy game can be played via a flash version straight from the browser. Each new player should create a character and there are over 80 different servers or worlds, half of which are located in North America, while the other half are in Europe. Players are advised to choose a server near their home. Even when all worlds look exactly the same, they cannot mingle.

What’s to love?

There’s a certain nostalgic feeling involved with playing this classic as few other games recreate the medieval world as vividly as this game does. One of the most outstanding features is its organized interface and the game’s requirements. At the turn of the new century, many people living in remote areas around the world turned to this game due to its low bandwith requirements. Besides, since Tibia has simple instructions and controls, it is easy to play. Even when the game has been live for over 15 years now, it is still upgraded every now and then. Another advantage yet, is the wide range of gaming options which include more PvP (player versus player) and non PvP servers. Tibia makes a great choice for light players who are seeking a fancy, yet highly engaging game: not to be missed!

The Verdict

The Good: Nostalgic atmosphere | Low bandwidth requirements

The Bad: Somewhat “oldish” game