Starcraft 2

starcraft 2Blizzard decided to release StarCraft 2 as a trilogy, so that each game concentrates on only one race for the single player campaign. The developers thought it was better to do this, than try to cram three separate story lines into one long campaign, and go through the same process for future expansions. Each StarCraft 2 expansion contains a new story arc and new units. The new units are only available to people who have bought the expansions.

Is it worth buying a Starcraft 2 Expansion?

While the first installment of the trilogy, Wings of Liberty, ended with a cliff hanger, the second and third installments have clearly defined endings. The events in the stories occur in chronological order in terms of the trilogy. So the story in the second StarCraft 2 expansion will carry on from the first and not run concurrently. The first Starcraft 2 expansion is Heart of the Swarm, which features a single player campaign based on the Zerg race. The second expansion is Legacy of the Void, which features the Protoss race. Because the expansions require the first installment to work, they won’t be available as stand-alone products. This also means that they won’t be as expensive as the original installment.

Each expansion will feature more refinements to the multiplayer experience. The advantages gained by having a slightly wider choice in units, will give owners of the expansions an advantage over the players who only own the first instalment. Due to the benefits of the unit upgrades and the quality of the new story lines and extra content, purchasing a StarCraft 2 expansion is definitely worth the money.

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Is Starcraft Guide better than cheats?

StarCraft 2 is as complicated a game as you want it to be. If you are happy playing it casually against people in the lowest leagues of, then you can happily do so. However, if you want to start playing it really well and advance up the rank ladder, you need to invest in a StarCraft 2 Guide for information about advanced resource management and strategies that work against all enemy combinations you will encounter.

When searching for quick and easy solutions to improve your game playing, you will come across advertisements and reviews of StarCraft 2 guides, as well as advertisements and endorsements for StarCraft 2 cheats. Buying an application that allows you to cheat would be the easiest option. There is the problem and that is cheating is frowned upon by Blizzard, especially if you use cheats on the servers.

When you are caught using cheats in StarCraft 2, chances are, your account will get banned or at least suspended. If your account gets banned, you will need to buy the game again to play it online. This can be expensive if you develop the habit of cheating often! It makes a lot more sense to spend money on a good StarCraft 2 Guide. You will then have a constant reference and learn all the basics and advanced skills you need to win, or at least put up a good fight. Once you know good StarCraft 2 strategies, it is just a matter of knowing when to use them at the right time.

Using cheats to get by in a match, teaches you nothing about the game, Cheating players pretty much ruin the game for everyone else, whereas a player with solid game knowledge will present a challenge to any player. Investing in a StarCraft 2 guide is a good move and will only improve your game. Cheats will compromise your Blizzard account and make the game way less cool to play for everyone, including you. So don’t do it. Check out a professional StarCraft 2 Guide.

Starcraft 2 Cheat Codes for fun

There are StarCraft 2 cheat codes that not only work, but won’t get you banned! There are many lazy gamers who want codes for “god” mode while playing the single player campaign, and quite a number who want Starcraft 2 Cheat codes to dominate the multiplayer scene. Using cheats in single player mode is kind of pointless, since there is no real entertainment value in beating the AI without a challenge. Cheating in multiplayer mode is not only unsportsmanlike and dishonest, it is bad for the entire Starcraft 2 game franchise. There are, however, some Starcraft Cheat codes that can be used for fun stuff in Star Control 2 – and some cheat codes for the arcade mini-games. Blizzard wont be too upset if you use Starcraft 2 cheat codes in the pointless game-within-a-game.

There is an arcade game that you can play while on the Lost Viking Hyperion. When you play the arcade game, open the chatbox with ENTER. Then type in codes and submit them.

  • score X This adds the value of X to your score. Think big points for this one.
  • ADDLIFE Give yourself and extra “life.”
  • LEVELCLEAR This command instantly completes a level for you.
  • LIFE This sets the number of lives you have, to ten.
  • BOSS Summon a boss.
  • BONUS This command ends the map.
  • NOQUIT This hides the “Quit” button from view.
  • ss This code displays the “boss incoming” message on the screen.
  • end This plays the ending cut scene.
  • mb Alter the background theme with this one.

Another one of the funnier Starcraft 2 cheat codes, is the “dance” command. Select a ground unit, press ENTER and type the command /dance. The unit will begin dancing. Works on most ground units, including the Thors. Congratulations, you’ve become a dance commander!