Guild Wars 2

guild wars 2In the game Guild Wars 2, what you do actually does matter. Every choice you make during the game will have some sort of impact on the world you are in. Unlike some games, Guild Wars 2 doesn’t have boring quests or a world that doesn’t change, instead the developers created it so it’s just like a real world – it’s busy, energetic and what you do makes the MMO game respond.

Game events

The events in the game change and evolve depending on how you interact with the world in the game. Everything you do will have a lasting effect during the gameplay. For instance, if you were to save a village from a group of ogres it may be that the ogres will come back to attack you with bigger and better weapons. There are always choices to be made; you may choose to defend the workers who repair the damaged water pumps in the villages or you could attack the bandits who try to destroy them. For every action, there is a consequence and sometimes you don’t realize the consequences until it’s too late.

The developers were clever in that each event is designed to encourage cooperation between multi players and each event has a difficulty scale depending on how many people are playing or interacting with that event. No matter how much you interact with an event during the gameplay, you will receive the same amount of experience points as everyone else who interacted at the same time. This creates an ethos of wanting to help other players, rather than trying to play against them.

Play with tactics

Tactical game play is rewarded – your position on the battlefield will determine the points you receive. You can also move around and pick up environmental weapons during gameplay; these will help you to gain the advantage over others in battle. These environmental weapons range from things such as a wine bottle to a catapult to throw rocks at a robotic siege golem. The power, skills and attack options the game offers are both visually impressive and make for great gameplay. The amount of different powers is incredible; you can create giant hands that crush stones, a tornado that will destroy everything in its path with incredible speed, or you can summon birds of prey that will bring on a vicious attack, you can even call on fire from above to attack the opponents.

What is the skill system?

The skill system during the gameplay of Guild Wars 2 is so easy to learn and certainly well worth mastering. You begin with basic skills from the weapons you already have, but you can earn more skills such as profession, healing and racial skills, as well as the most devastating elite skills. These skills allow you to customize your character as you progress through the game. There are many professions, all of which excel in combat, and each profession offers a wide range of skills and powers. You can also team up with other players to perform combo attacks to create even more damage; you can create such things as shooting arrows that will go through a flaming wall and create hundreds of flaming projectiles to defeat your enemies.

Different game modes

In Guild Wars 2, the PvP (Player vs. Player) matches involve a small team of players who compete to eliminate each other so they can capture strategic objectives on a map. In matches, for example, the players must battle over a ruined ship or perhaps destroy a siege weapon belonging to the enemy. During PvP World vs. World combat (which involves hundreds of players), there are three massive teams, each of which represent a world, and they battle for control over objectives on four different maps. These PvP combats are a week long and each map is loaded with objectives. Each objective is worth points to the team who claims them. Players are able to team up together to raid enemy supply caravans, lay siege to castles as well as clash with other players in huge battles. During this game mode, the players gain treasure and experience just like normal but with the added bonus that when their world is doing well they receive special rewards and bonuses.