Everquest 2

everquest 2Everquest II has now been out for many years – new, bigger, better-looking MMOs have been created, tested and released with success, but Everquest II, or EQ2, still exists and still attracts a sizeable players base, but why? Well, for starters, it is one of the few MMOs that allows open-world PvP, whether you’re roaming solo or hunting as a pack with your guildies, or just fancied forming a band of merry men and women to exert your dominance on some poor, unsuspecting solo player!

Beautiful EverQuest 2 world

The truth is, EQ2 is open, vast, beautiful, immersive, looks great and fun. If PvP isn’t necessarily your thing, then there are PvE servers to avoid the random backstab or cookercutter train running you over in an instant.

You have every opportunity to become involved in the lore and magical world with many, many dungeons allowing for incredibly well-balanced groups to thrive in, grinding out for loot, xp and coin, battling the hardiest of bosses and facing up to the ultimate challenges that exist in the world.

First experience

I remember one of my very first experiences in EQ2 very vividly on a PvP server, with a PvP guild – we formed a guild group and ventured into one of the earlier zones with the intention of camping a specific spot where the spawn rates were high, experience excellent and with decent loot, only to find another group there. Instead of ganking them, we waited patiently until one of their members attacked one of ours. Whether the attack was by accident or not, we wiped their whole group in defence of our victim member and successfully held down that spot for a number of hours, fighting off groups over and over whilst dealing with the rapid spawn rate. We were buzzing and it’s thanks to the open world, balanced classes and beautiful artwork that made us want to play for longer and longer and longer.

What is the crafting system?

The crafting system also allowed us to ensure we were always kitted out with the best gear, if we couldn’t find the loot drops that we wanted. Seperate to the character levelling system, the EQ2 crafting system is definitely unique, allowing you to create all kinds of items, but it’s not simply a case of gathering the right ingredients and then hitting a “GO” button – skill and knowledge are needed, so be warned, it’s not for the lazy! Again, this makes EQ2 unique and stand out from the crowd, in an MMO world where instanced sections of the world, especially for PvP, reduce immersion and flow.

Final thoughts

SOE have been forced to move EQ2 to a Free-To-Play model, though, in an attempt to capture and retain a slice of the highly competitive MMO market where every development house seems to be wanting to get their foot into the world of MMO. Now is still a good time as any to log into EQ2, dust off those old characters or create new ones and have some fun in a truly excellent MMO.