Bleach Online

bleach onlineAt first sight, Bleach online is a massively multiplayer online role playing game as many others. When you look at game in further detail however, you will find out that there is a lot more going on.

What is Bleach Online?

This browser-based videogame makes good use of the rise in popularity or the Japanese anime. has come up with an anime-based game which follows the manga storyline by means of RPG (Role-playing game). Players are given the chance to create their own characters within the Bleach universe. All characters are introduced in the game as soul reapers who have been asleep for a thousand years and have all of the sudden woken up to find the world as it is now.

Playing the Game

Sign up is requested before players are able to play the game. Upon registration, you can click the “start game” button and start playing right away. Even when the game offers few options concerning customized features (characters can be either male or female), there is a further option that will let you create a name for your character. If you on the other hand, want to choose one of the names that are provided for you, you can resort to the name generator. Once this simple set up is done, you can hit start and begin to play. When the game starts, players are told of their present situation, and a brief story of their sleeping past is told.

Game characters

Since characters have been detached from reality for so long, they are expected to begin their quest at level 1. Right after that, a questionnaire which includes questions, such as “Who is the author of Bleach?” must be answered, Once the questioning is over, you will be presented to Yamamoto Genryusai Shige who will give you your first task. Players are expected to accept the task. If you don’t, you will be unable to learn more about the game and get ahead. As for the fighting, most battles are against Aizen and players can equip their characters for the fight and help them with resources and provisions. Even when some more aggressive players claim that they would love to be able to control the fight, a lot of entertainment can be found by just sitting back and watching the battle.

What’s to Love?

Apart from the user-friendly interface and the simple instructions, there is a great advantage to this game. Unlike many characters in similar games, these Bleach characters do not wander aimlessly through the game. Quite on the contrary, the task-based structure of the game caters for a purposeful activity all throughout. You will find yourself auto-running toward the task-master, and this is a major pro, since many games have you waste precious minutes just having the characters look for something else to do. Anime-mongers will love this game, as there is a full recreation of the Japanese environment. The simple 2-D, typical anime images, plus the background music helps to create a unique atmosphere for those players who are seeking to recreate the style.

The Verdict

The Good: Music | Graphics | AI

The Bad: Automated combat