Age of Conan

age of conanNow free to play, Age of Conan can be said to have broken the mould of how MMO combat game works, with combat detection occurring in an area around the player, rather than traditional targeted combat. Unfortunately, this meant that those with a slower internet connection would experience harder fights than if a targeting system were used. Even so, the initial stages of Age of Conan’s launch were fun, exhilarating and intense.

Game modes

‘Free for all’ PvP was back in all its glory, with players always having to keep one eye looking behind them just in case another player was lurking in the shadows waiting for the perfect moment to strike.

Players would spend hours deviating from their quest goal just to stalk some poor unsuspecting prey who was merrily going about their business, only to realize that they too were being stalked and so on – soon epic battles would form around zone hubs, with players calling in their friends for backup. In time, someone would always end up giving up and moving to another zone or logging off, leaving the victor with a sly grin on their face knowing that for that day, they had defeated their opponent(s) by fair means or foul.

Visit new guildes

In time, guilds would make their stance known as to how they would attack or sometimes not attack other guilds and it was clear to players whether they could approach another player without fear of a sword being swung at their head, purely through their guild tag or name alone. So, a level of calm would be restored to the servers, but not for long. Soon, players would reach a level whereby they would be effective in sieges – guilds waging war on each other’s strongholds in epic battles that seemingly lasted for days.

Is it a hardcore game?

This all makes Age of Conan sound like it should be meant for the hardcore among us only, however this is definitely not true. The early levels allow you to break in to the game gently, learning the mechanics of the game, the world, the storylines and your character without fear of being ganked at any second. That being said, there’s something about Age of Conan which doesn’t necessarily keep players for long periods of time, maybe it’s the the grind, maybe it IS the constant fear of being killed or maybe it’s the combat system that doesn’t quite sit well with the players.


There are always going to be fanbois though, so you can’t believe everything you read. You literally have nothing to lose now since it really is Free To Play, a model that has seen great success in many other MMOs, especially newer titles such as Guild Wars 2. It will be interesting to see how long it’ll be until Age of Conan has its plug pulled, if at all – look at the state of Dark Age of Camelot, still going so many years down the road. Give it a go, why not?